they’re calling for rain and all the ice in my coffee has melted.

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on today’s episode of me having feelings, a series of tweets about “anti-rape nail polish.”

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The Cranberries / Dreams

"And now I tell you openly,
you have my heart so don’t hurt me.

You’re what I couldn’t find.

A totally amazing mind,
so understanding and so kind;

You’re everything to me.”

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To Die For, 1995
dir. Gus Van Sant

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this was taken barely a month ago, but it feels like a lifetime. this year’s been a bit of an emotional wreck, but falling in love in summer makes up for those bad parts. spending my free time with these two boys makes up for those bad parts. i’m feeling optimistic for the first time in a long, long time. here’s to fall semester, enjoying my fourteen hour days, and having a second home in brooklyn with the person i love most.

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You filled me with a wild desire to know everything about life.

—  Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (via girlinlondon)

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it’s been a long while since i wished i was in new york this much.





"Linger" by Real Estate // Originally by The Cranberries (AV Undercover / Series 5)

This is just a case of two of my favorite things crossing paths. Real Estate stopped into the AV Club recently for an episode of AV Undercover and they chose one of my all time favorite songs to cover, “Linger” by the Cranberries. They don’t mess with the formula at all, but that’s a great thing as the song ends up sounding like it could be one of Real Estate’s own gems. You can see the video of the band performance at AV Undercover


100% melting rn


just in case anyone forgot that I’m still in love with river phoenix.

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I think of ‘poet’ as an identity, because it’s not like you choose it. If you’re any kind of a writer, you do it because you can’t help but do it.

—  Jericho Brown, interviewed by Kendra DeColo for Nashville Review (via bostonpoetryslam)

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