en route to a heart attack via adderall and coffee


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came in the mail today/got a job earlier this week. life is really looking up~~

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this has been a hell-ish week, but i somehow managed to cross most items off my to-do list. two papers, two finals, and one presentation left until i’m home for the summer. i stopped on my walk home to get french fries and this fancy root beer, which shows i’m really going a little crazy.
cool things: i submitted requests for my transcripts to be sent to temple today, and it’s been decided that i’m getting a place with my two really great friends felix, crystal, crystal’s friend rei, and rei’s pup! i’m so excited that as messy as things were barely 48 hours ago, things are coming together.

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i firmly believe that the only way to cope with stress is to eat.


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(at this moment) i hate college and midterms and 10 am classes. i like that once i figure out how to get through this week, i finally get to see swearin’ and hang out in my favorite city (philadelphia) for a week. spring break 2k12~

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Lunch/dinner: tofurky, hummus, and spinach sandwich. Quinoa, black beans, corn, and lime juice (new favorite - so simple/cheap/nutritious). Carrots. Not pictured: Lemonade.
I’m getting so good at being broke and still eating well.

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do 1/10th of your homework, treat yourself to a burrito - that’s the way it works, right??

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ok so today went from being an ok kind of day to being a really good kind of day. well first, this happened then i texted steph and told her. turns out she’s spending the day in nyc on saturday to visit the school so then she invited me and now we’re spending the day in manhattan and i’m excited 

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